Sharon Avery

President & CEO of Toronto Foundation
  • Sharon Avery
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  • Toronto, Canada

Sharon is President and CEO of Toronto Foundation, one of Canada’s leading community foundations and a Toronto city-building institution.  

Ms. Avery has built a 19-year career as a high-energy fundraiser and passionate communicator. Prior to joining the Foundation in September 2016, she served for eight years as Chief Development Officer at UNICEF Canada, where she more than doubled its investment in children and transformed the organization on the international stage. There, she led a fundraising campaign recruiting women philanthropists across Canada to embark on a four-year educational journey on maternal, newborn, and child health in the global South. In 13 months, the campaign raised $12 million to support 3.8 million women and children in Peru, Namibia, Ethiopia, Cambodia, and Indonesia. 

Prior to UNICEF, Sharon Avery held senior roles at SickKids Foundation, Save the Children Canada and Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. Known for her entrepreneurial spirit, critical thinking, and collaborative leadership, Sharon is on a mission to bring philanthropy to the task of building a more resilient Toronto. 

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