Building something new From the Ground Up: Our Inaugural Annual Report

November 30, 2020


Just one year ago, we came together as a community of uncommon partners united by a common vision. Whether activists, impact investors, philanthropists, policymakers, or entrepreneurs, we were impatient with the pace of progress, ready to bet big on the future, and united by an unshakable belief: feminist movements deserve support that is as revolutionary and reliable as they are. Today, we’re turning this vision into reality, just as feminist movements are more powerful—and more urgent—than ever before.

The Equality Fund is thrilled to launch our inaugural Annual Report: From the Ground UpInside, you will find highlights of our work during 2019-2020—a year of imagining, listening, designing, building, and learning.


Amid global challenge and change, our team and partners have forged ahead, laying the foundation for our audacious vision: to build the largest self-sustaining fund for gender equality in the world.
In this flagship first year, the Equality Fund:

  • Supported 45 grantee partners from around the world;
  • Refined our investment strategy to bring partners to the table and create the mechanism through which feminist work will be supported for years to come;
  • With the Association for Women’s Rights In Development (AWID), we listened to over 1,000 feminists around the world in an in-depth consultation process to understand the hopes, dreams, and expectations for the Equality Fund;
  • Built a diverse and expert global Board of Directors to guide the Equality Fund through our build;
  • Initiated innovative new philanthropy programs, including The Conversation (launching January 2021);
  • Built upon the roots of The MATCH International Women’s Fund to scale our vision, reach, and impact.

Get inspired: From the Ground Up includes stories about how women’s rights organizations are responding to this global moment, about the promise of unlikely partnerships, and about how we are coming together to build a feminist institution from the inside out.

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