Oxfam Canada

Oxfam Canada is part of a global movement for change, building lasting solutions to poverty and injustice by promoting the rights of women and girls. Established in 1963, it brings decades of experience in women’s rights programming globally, working directly with communities, partners, and women’s rights organizations and movements to challenge the systems that perpetuate inequality and discrimination. 

As a member of the Equality Fund collective, Oxfam Canada contributes extensive expertise and knowledge—both in feminist grant-making and in building a feminist approach to monitoring, evaluating, and learning.

Donate to the Equality Fund

At the Equality Fund, we don’t just give together, we grow together. We are a powerful community of changemakersstanding shoulder-to-shoulder with feminist movements around the world. Together we are making it possible for investments in gender equality to go father, last longer, and dig deeper than ever before. Join Us.

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