Terms of Reference for Consultancy to develop a feminist framework on crises definition, actors and interventions

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The Equality Fund is an international feminist fund based in Canada. We are a ground-breaking
collaboration harnessing diverse actors to catalyze new momentum for women’s rights and
feminist movements. Designed by feminists for feminists, it is a new model for sustainably
resourcing feminist movements everywhere, through global grantmaking, gender-lens investing,
policy advocacy, and feminist philanthropy. Launched in 2019, the Equality Fund has committed
$53 million to date and is supporting over 300 organizations working in 85 countries globally. We
provide resources to women’s rights and feminist organizations from the grassroots level to the
regional and global stage. Women’s rights organizations and feminist movements around the world
are at the forefront of change—holding the line, resisting against rights violations, demanding
equality, and driving solutions to get us there. The Equality Fund’s strategy is to support the
priorities that they identify.

Scope of Work

The Equality Fund is seeking a consultant or a group of consultants to support the design of a
stream of work on feminist engagement and responses to crises. This stream, called “Prepare,
Respond and Care”,
aims to respond to both the chronic and ever growing crises around the
world where women and feminists are often on the frontlines of both bearing the brunt and
responding in critical ways. All this with the most minimal of resources in a context where
traditionally recognised crises resulting from conflict or natural disasters have little to no
engagement with women’s rights and feminist actors. Equality Fund seeks to design this stream to
be informed by how women’s rights actors define crises with an understanding of the actors
currently engaged in this work as well as the range of feminist led and informed interventions
relating to crises.

  1. Develop a framework on feminist articulation of crises
  2. Map key women’s rights and feminist actors engaged in addressing and responding to
  3. Conduct a review of effective and promising feminist interventions on crises

    The consultant will be expected to undertake the following tasks:

    Develop an initial framework on feminist articulation of crises
    In designing this stream, EF seeks to ensure that it is framed by and taking into account
    what women and feminists define as crises in the current context. This is from an
    understanding that there are crises that receive significant attention and resources and
    recognising that there are crises that do not receive the same. Women’s rights
    organizations and feminist movements play an important role in resilience and recovery but one
    which is not well recognized or resourced by the current mainstream humanitarian structures.
    This framework should reflect the perspectives and input of those most often at the

    Ecosystem Mapping
    Recognising the diversity of actors in various crises responses and related engagements,
    we seek to understand in particular the actors most critical to feminist engagement, from
    activists, direct responders to crises, donors, academics and others. This includes those
    that are traditionally understood as crisis sectors such as humanitarian responses to
    conflict, natural and other disasters, women, peace and security as well as those that may
    fall outside these sectors, like political and socio-economic crises.

    Research / Desk review on effective and promising feminist led interventions on crises
    We know that women’s rights and feminist organizations are on the frontlines of responding
    to crises and they are also those imagining other futures. As such we would like a
    comprehensive compilation of promising and effective feminist interventions relating to
    crises in a variety of contexts.


    Proposed plan for the Feminist Framework on crises

    1. Brief document outlining the steps and timetable for the work and initial document review.

    Mapping of key actors engaging in feminist responses to crises

    1. A draft report mapping the key actors engaging in feminist responses
      to crises
    2. Final report following review of draft

    Review of effective and promising feminist interventions on crises

    1. A draft report outlining effective and promising feminist interventions
      on crises
    2. Final report following review of draft

    Framework on feminist articulation of crises

    1. A draft framework of feminist articulations of crises that need critical
      engagement and resources.
    2. Final framework document

    Criteria/ Experience Required

    • Experience in crises affected regions/contexts, extensive knowledge about different types
    • of crises and responses to them;
    • Deep knowledge and experience with feminist organizations and movements, particularly in
    • Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Central Asia;
    • Strong research and writing skills;
    • Highly organized, analytical, adaptive and responsive to feedback and changes in direction
    • when needed;
    • Strong facilitation skills and flexible approach to work;
    • Availability to undertake this consultancy over 3 months starting April 2023.

    Voluntary Disclosure: The Equality Fund implements gender-responsive procurement practices,
    actively seeking to maximize support for women’s organizations and suppliers working to advance
    gender equality. We believe that expanding and diversifying our pool of suppliers is a powerful tool
    to build a more competitive and robust supplier base. The ultimate objective of our feminist
    approach to procurement is to ensure that EF is able to thoughtfully consider whether it has, or can
    find, suppliers who are aligned with the mission of advancing gender equality, while at the same
    time meeting the need for timely delivery of high-quality goods and services at competitive prices.
    We believe that it is possible to seek value-alignment with our suppliers, as well as our investments
    and programming.

    We invite respondents to provide information which will allow us to assess if your organization is
    mission-aligned to ours. This relates to both internal structure, practices and policies, as well as
    how you operate in the world. Internal examples include policies and practices related to diversity,
    equity and inclusion; the proportion of the leadership team and/or staff who are women,
    Indigenous, LGBTIQ, visible minority and/or disabled; transparency and commitment to equal pay;
    and the use of flexible work arrangements. External examples include careful consideration of how
    your business practices (including the services you provide or the goods you produce) can and do
    support the rights of women, girls, and LGBTQI people and a more equitable world. Additional
    elements include positive role models in advertising/promotions materials, joint work with
    equality-seeking women’s organizations, advocacy initiatives, and other impact-oriented initiatives.

    We encourage all respondents to share information on mission alignment to gender equality.
    Responses do not need to be lengthy, but we appreciate any information you choose to share.


    A timeline for the duration of this consultancy is outlined below:

    • Applications due: March 31, 2023.
    • Consultancy duration: Approximately 30 days.

    Request for Expressions of Interest

    The Equality Fund is inviting consultants to prepare a short expression of interest for this
    consultancy. The proposal must include the following:

    • A 2-4 page description of how the consultant would approach the assignment, including a
    • statement of your understanding of what feminist approaches bring to the crisis response
    • space.
    • A 1 page financial proposal in Canadian dollars, including all costs, fees, and expenses
    • required to carry out the consultancy. The Equality Fund anticipates this work to take
    • approximately 30 days.
    • A short summary of the consultant(s)’ relevant experience and CV(s)
    • 2 references for similar work

    Kindly submit your proposal electronically to Natalia Caruso, Director of Program Strategy at
    [email protected]. Successful EOI applicants will be invited for interviews to make a final

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