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Support the Equality Fund by making a one-time, monthly, or quarterly online gift here.

To donate from the United States, see instructions at the bottom of this page.

Many ways to move

There are many other powerful ways to contribute to the Equality Fund—and to move with us toward the feminist futures we demand and deserve. To learn about any of the options below, please contact us at 1-855-640-1872 or [email protected].

Bequest and legacy gifts

A bequest is a gift made to a charitable organization from a person’s personal estate. A legacy gift is a planned future gift (usually made through a person’s will or trust) that designates a part of an individual’s estate as a donation. Legacy gifts can help individuals create a powerful philanthropic legacy by having a direct impact on the causes they care about the most. For some people, legacy giving can also have significant tax advantages for beneficiaries.


Donating publicly-traded stock or securities is a tax-smart way to support the Equality Fund, allowing you to receive tax savings. You will receive a tax receipt for the fully appreciated value of a donation of a publicly traded stock or securities without being taxed for capital gains.

Life insurance

A gift of life insurance is an affordable way to make a substantial gift to the Equality Fund.

Donate from the United States

Equality Fund partners with CAF America to ensure that Americans can make a donation and obtain a tax deduction. Please see below the different options for making your donation.

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