Moment to Move

Feminist movements were built for this moment and they are calling for us to join them. It’s the #MomentToMove because when we move together, we move the world.

Celebrate Feminist Movements With Us

Feminist victories– from legal reform to workplace rights to control over our own bodies– have not been the result of solitary efforts but legacies of collective action.

Right now, our world is at a crossroads. Climate catastrophes. Violence. Inequality and threats to roll back our rights. The stakes keep rising.

Movements were built for this moment

And in this moment, we all are called to join them. The risks they take, they take for us all. The wins they realize are wins for us all.

Feminist movements aren’t just working on one issue- they’re working on all the issues. These movements will determine whether we all realize the just and sustainable future that is still within our grasp. Because a feminist movement win is a win for everyone.

Together, feminist movements shift power itself—and address inequality and injustice at the root. The work is hard, and the scale is big, but we can make even more wins possible when we work together to dismantle the barriers that hold us all back.

This International Women’s Day, we’re sharing an offering to feminist communities to elevate and celebrate the power of collective movements: watch and share this visual reminder of how the world changes when we move together.

Conversations Create Change

This IWD we’re inviting everyone in. Feminist movements have always been fueled by the spark of connection, when we realize our rights and our futures are connected. That spark grows into collective power and a collective movement for transformational change. It’s the product of millions of conversations over history, and it’s time for a million more. Here’s your invitation to join. 

Visit our digital conversation card deck to start a discussion in your own community. 

Create your own change and start a conversation today.

Celebrating Feminist Movements Wins

We’re celebrating feminist movement wins this month, and to help us do that, we asked our communities to share notable feminist movement wins with us. Here are some of the wins, past and present, that our communities are celebrating across the world. 

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