Action Femme et Eco-Justice (AFECOJU)

Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Action Femme et Eco-Justice (AFECOJU)
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Africa
  • Environmental rights and Climate Justice; Economic Justice; Feminist Movement & Leadership; Gender Equality, Women's Rights, & Gender-based Violence; Body Empowerment & Sexual & Reproductive Health
In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, land and water rights are a matter of life and death—especially for women and communities at the margins, including trans people, in rural areas. Founded in 2016 by five courageous Congolese girls and women, AFECOJU is dedicated to defending the human and environmental rights of girls and women as well as eliminating all forms of violence against them. Working across deeply interconnected issues like food security, gender equality, climate justice, sexual and reproductive health, and economic justice, AFECOJU leads public education campaigns and advocacy efforts that are changing minds and laws throughout the country. Through it all, they continue to build power from the ground up, designing community spaces for women to share stories and strategies and to cultivate a homegrown movement of climate heroes.

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