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Association des Femmes des Médias (AFEM)

Areas of focus: Women’s political participation; Violence against women; Women, peace, and security

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Sub-Saharan Africa
Women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are building movements over the airwaves. Systematically excluded from the public sphere, relegated almost exclusively to the household or farm field, and facing pervasive sexual violence, women have also been shut out of the country’s media landscape, especially among positions of responsibility. AFEM is a network of women journalists who are working to shift this reality by harnessing the impact of feminist media and advancing the holistic promotion of women across the industry. The result is a surge in rights-based content that is changing hearts and minds across the country and mobilizing communities to push for positive change. In addition, AFEM works with emerging women journalists, building networking opportunities, training, and work opportunities that are changing the media landscape from within. Whether on the radio or online—each time a young woman gains a public voice—AFEM’s vision of gender equity in all aspects of community life comes closer to reality.


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