Alliance against Discrimination of LGBTI

  • Alliance against Discrimination of LGBTI (Aleanca)
  • Albania
  • Eastern Europe
  • Violence against women; LBTIQ rights; Sexual and reproductive health and rights


Alliance against Discrimination of LGBTI (Aleanca) is a grassroots organization founded and led by a group of brave and determined young LGBTIQ+ people in Albania. Their mission is to protect, engage, and amplify the voices and power of all LGBTIQ+ communities in Albania, with a particular focus on youth. Aleanca works strategically with a network of local women’s rights organizations to provide refuge, psychological support, and legal assistance to LGBTIQ+ people in towns across the country. As part of their groundbreaking work, Aleanca and its sister organization, Pro LGBT, opened the country’s first-ever residential shelter for homeless LGBTIQ+ youth. Known as STREHA (or “SHELTER”), it provides a critical safe space for youth who were forced out of their homes and communities amid intense discrimination and violence. Since 2012, Aleanca LGBTI and Pro LGBT have been organizing Tirana Pride, Albania’s biggest public event raising awareness on LGBTI issues. 


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