Association And Soppeku

Although Senegal is one of the few countries to have legalized the sex industry, sex workers face a constant threat of violence, stigma, and discrimination. And Soppeku, meaning “Together for a change,” is an association of sex workers who are building collective power to transform the realities of their own lives. With a strong model of peer support, And Soppeku trains its members to deliver essential services to fellow sex workers, whether as peer educators conducting essential outreach or as paralegals providing legal support. Peer advocates also engage with law enforcement and health authorities to ensure that more sex workers can access health and other critical public services. By supporting the growth of new associations and movements of sex workers in the region and beyond, And Soppeku is also contributing to a global movement of sex workers whose influence is expanding every day. Through it all, And Soppeku is investing directly in the leadership of sex workers themselves, building lasting power from within.

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