Balance Promoción para el Desarrollo y Juventud, A.C.



Since 1996, Balance Promoción para el Desarrollo y Juventud A.C. has worked to protect and promote the sexual and reproductive rights of young people and women* (*referring to cis women, trans women, and people who are labelled as women even if that is not their gender—such as transgender men and non-binary people) in Mexico. The organization is building a future where all people can make decisions about their sexual and reproductive health with full autonomy and freedom. Their holistic approach to change focuses on a range of interconnected strategies, including political advocacy, communication, emancipation, and leadership and movement-building. Across all of this work, they are a champion for feminist movements and values, challenging the dominant heteronormative, adultist, and urban-centric views that often dominate political and cultural spaces. They are also fighting for the advancement of sexual and reproductive justice, including through a comprehensive response to sexual violence experienced by women*, and testing innovative new ways to connect Sapphic women* (who are attracted to women) with sexual and reproductive health services.


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At the Equality Fund, we don’t just give together, we grow together. We are a powerful community of changemakersstanding shoulder-to-shoulder with feminist movements around the world. Together we are making it possible for investments in gender equality to go father, last longer, and dig deeper than ever before. Join Us.

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