Brigada Callejera de Apoyo a la Mujer E.M.A.C.



The “Brigada Callejera de Apoyo a la Mujer, Elisa Martínez A.C.” is fearless in its focus on root causes, working to dismantle the structural drivers of the sex trade so that it is not the only survival strategy for migrant and marginalized women. Named in honour of a sex worker who died as a result of relentless violence and discrimination, the Brigada works with women to share the tools and training they need to become strong, confident, and connected activists against human trafficking. The organization also has two community health centres, one in Mexico City and the other on the southern border, to provide primary healthcare to cisgender and trans sex workers. Its team of dedicated lawyers also provide legal support to women survivors of violence, report cases of human trafficking, and offer support to help migrant women become documented in the country.


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