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Collective for Research & Training on Development – Action (CRTD.A)

Areas of focus: Young women and women's leadership and rights

Middle East
Since 2003, The Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action has worked in Lebanon and across the Arab world to build a more gender-inclusive society where social justice and gender equality are practiced in both the public and private spheres. Among the many examples of its impact are a series of powerful workshops where CRTD.A invites young women and women to picture themselves as bold leaders in their communities—providing them with leadership skills training, inspiring stories of other young women and women leaders, and peer networks to turn that vision into reality. By the end of the learning journey, they have both the confidence and the practical skills they need to claim their power and step fully into their role as public leaders, transforming both themselves and their communities along the way. As Lebanon has confronted multiple crises simultaneously, particularly in the last year, including an economy on the brink of collapse, rampant corruption, COVID-19, and massive explosions in Beirut’s port, the role of young women and women leaders have proved essential, pointing the way toward sustainable solutions that advance peace, security, and justice for everyone.


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