Forum des Femmes pour la gouvernance des ressources naturelles (FFGRN)

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Every day, the world relies on minerals mined from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to power our mobile phones, computers, and cars. But the people of the country, and especially women, are paying an immense price. The uninterrupted extraction of mining resources for technological needs, as well as incessant rains caused by climate change, are gradually destroying the countryside and plunging the population into poverty and precariousness. In response to these many challenges, FFGRN is mobilizing the leadership of women and strengthening their capacity to undertake and lead local initiatives to boost development in their own communities. Its strategies, including advocacy, movement building, training, and research, make it possible for women working in the mines to participate in the proper management of natural resources—strengthening their livelihoods, boosting their own leadership, and advancing environmental sustainability all at the same time.


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