• Gharsah
  • Lebanon
  • Middle East
  • Violence against women; Girls/Young women's leadership and rights; Sexual and reproductive health and rights


Founded in 2013, Gharsah—which means ‘sapling’ in English—has quickly transformed itself from a children’s education initiative in a refugee camp to a bold advocate for women’s collective power, gender equality, and social justice. Led by Syrian refugee women who fled the country to Lebanon, the organization provides critical services and safe spaces to address the key issues Syrian refugee women face, including multiple forms of gender-based violence, internal and external forms of oppression, as well as precarious livelihoods and the need for education for their children, particularly adolescent girls. Through this work, Gharsah has emerged as an inspiring and effective model for building the power of women and girls, strengthening their leadership and safety at home and in their communities, and fortifying their collective voices to advocate on their own behalf for lives free from violence and oppression. With each of their programs, Gharsah is courageously forging a pathway to a future where women and girls “can achieve their maximum potential” and make decisions about their own lives with full agency and freedom.

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