LILAK (Purple Action for Indigenous Women’s Rights)



In 2011, a unique and diverse network of Indigenous women leaders, anthropologists, human rights advocates, lawyers, and environmentalists came together to form LILAK, a transformative voice for Indigenous women’s rights in the Philippines. Today, the organization serves as an innovative activist collective, helping to advance a gender-transformative and culturally responsive Indigenous women’s agenda for social and economic development, security, and land rights. LILAK’s collective advocacy, media, and relief work have been a vital force in the struggle for women’s rights, indigenous peoples’ rights, environmental rights and justice. In this and all their work, they join in solidarity with other Indigenous women human rights and land defenders who are united by principles of self-determination and feminist collective care. LILAK is also connecting young Indigenous women to leadership development opportunities, ensuring a vibrant future for this movement in the Philippines and far beyond.


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