• Naripokkho
  • Bangladesh
  • Asia and the Pacific
  • Violence against women; Girls/Young women's leadership and rights; Sexual and reproductive health and rights


Naripokkho is a member-led women’s rights organization whose work is guided by an unapologetic and bold vision: a future in Bangladesh where all women are recognized as human beings with dignity and citizens with equal rights. Naripokkho serves as a dynamic, national platform for women’s rights organizations and activists to work together to address violence and discrimination against women and girls, advance sexual and reproductive health and rights, promote political participation, and advance community peace-building and economic justice. With an innovative approach that is collaborative, volunteer-based, and organized by consensus, they leverage the leadership of young women activists, sex workers, garment workers, and women with diverse lived experiences of violence to campaign against sexual violence and advance policy dialogue. Their collective voice serves as a transformative force for accountability—ensuring that law enforcement, the health sector, and policymakers follow through in protecting women’s rights and ending sexual violence across the country.



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