North West Association of Women with Disabilities (NWAWWD)

Pushed to the margins of a society grappling with cycles of violent conflict, women living with disabilities in Cameroon saw the need for a women-led organization that would put their agenda first. The result is NWAWWD, and the challenges it faces are profound: its members represent the women and girls most impacted by ongoing conflict and discrimination, for whom isolation, scapegoating, and a denial of basic humanity and human rights are daily realities. Despite these enormous obstacles, NWAWWD members are fiercely advocating on their own behalf, demanding their right to live dignified, economically secure lives. Through such efforts as peer counselling and skill development programs, NWAWWD continues to build collective power, holding firm in its vision of a future where more girls and women will have control over their lives and a strong voice in decisions that affect them.

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