Women’s Humanitarian Organization (PWHO)



A living model of what is possible when women come together to advocate on their own behalf, PWHO is a grassroots organization that supports women and their families in three refugee camps in Lebanon: Bourj el-Barajneh, Shatilla , and Al Bus. By its own design, PWHO does not have political or religious affiliations; instead, its work is deeply rooted in universal principles of human rights and a guiding belief that women are not victims, but survivors with immense power to create change for themselves and others. The organization runs an educational program for children in Shatilla camp in Beirut and health programs, specifically with people living with disabilities, in Al Bus camp in Southern Lebanon. PWHO’s humanitarian services and advocacy for the rights of women and children are especially urgent among the overcrowded conditions of the refugee camps, where high rates of gender-based violence and early marriage are exacerbated by lack of work and high levels of trauma.


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