Resource Center for Women and Girls

Behind the bright pink gate, RCWG is bringing to life a powerful vision where girls are not only agents of change in their communities, but transformative leaders shaping the future of the entire African continent. With a particular focus on engaging girls and young women from rural Kenya, RCWG hosts unique mentoring camps, peer-networking opportunities, and training programs that equip girls with the support system, tools, and confidence they need to be strong leaders. And the results could not be clearer: many of their programs are designed and run by alumni of the Girls’ Camps themselves. RCWG says that “not investing in girls is as good as planning poverty”—and dares to offer a better way forward. By investing directly in girls’ leadership, RCWG is working to shift power, and put girls at the centre of solutions to end violence against women and girls, promote sexual reproductive health rights, and advance socio-economic resilience.

Donate to the Equality Fund

At the Equality Fund, we don’t just give together, we grow together. We are a powerful community of changemakersstanding shoulder-to-shoulder with feminist movements around the world. Together we are making it possible for investments in gender equality to go father, last longer, and dig deeper than ever before. Join Us.

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