United Sisterhood Alliance (Us)

  • United Sisterhood Alliance (Us)
  • Cambodia
  • Asia
  • Violence against women; Economic Justice; Labour rights; Feminist and social movements
  • https://www.unitedsisterhood.org/


United Sisterhood Alliance (Us) is a dynamic model of the power of intersectional feminist movement-building. As a network of four local women’s organizations—Women’s Network for Unity, Worker’s Information Center, Messenger Band, and Social Action for Community and Development—the Alliance advances the rights of rural and marginalized labourers in Cambodia. By acting together, the sister organizations multiply the collective power of their organizations, simultaneously strengthening their shared efforts to defend the rights of women workers and to push back against patriarchal and neoliberal systems that oppress them. The Alliance’s member groups include garment workers, sex workers, artivists and musicians, farmers and rural workers, and youth. Their highly creative and unique advocacy efforts—including an activist band and music group, concerts, and highly visible protests and public education campaigns—are catching the attention of the world, building global solidarity, and advancing a bold agenda for gender and economic justice.


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