Women in Front Cameroon

In Francophone West Africa, resources for feminist movements—and especially for feminist LGBTQ+ led organizations—are scarce. But with a leadership team made up of women activists and feminists with backgrounds in local LBGTQ+ organizations, WIFC is breaking through by providing legal, health, and economic support to LGBTQ+ survivors of violence. All of these efforts are guided by a shared vision of an inclusive society that respects the rights of all girls and women, including QLBTW women, and ensures that the realities of their lives are fully reflected in the nation’s health policies. Today, WIFC is an emerging leader in addressing the most pressing sexual and reproductive health, mental health, and human rights needs facing all women and girls in Cameroon, and is a powerful model for building a “dynamic, proud, and non-discriminatory” future grounded in women’s leadership.

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