XOESE, le Fonds pour les Femmes Francophones

French-speaking countries of the global South

What could become possible if women’s rights organizations and activists in Francophone Africa had access to their own autonomous fund? In 2015, Massan d’Almeida dared to find out, single-handedly mustering the ambition and courage needed to create XOESE, the first fund of its kind in the region. By mobilizing financial, material, and human resources and reinvesting them in feminist organizations and initiatives, XOESE is making it possible for women’s rights organizations to transcend funding challenges of the past and advance gender equality and economic empowerment across the region. Thanks to the groundbreaking work of XOESE’s growing staff, their vision of a “world where girls, young women and women can fully enjoy all their fundamental human rights” is closer than ever before.


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