Remembering a Titan and Friend: Suzanne Biegel

Andia Chakava, Theo Sowa, Suzanne Biegel

We are heartbroken at the loss of our collaborator and dear friend Suzanne Biegel, who passed away yesterday with her family and friends by her side. A generous and uncompromising leader, Suzanne blazed the path that we and countless others walk today. She was a titan in global finance, often called the “godmother of gender-lens investing.” A visionary who reshaped every field she touched, from impact investing and philanthropy to entrepreneurship, research, climate finance, and far beyond. 

To the Equality Fund community, Suzanne was the best kind of ally and friend. She believed wholeheartedly in our vision, even when the road ahead was unpredictable and new. Her commitment was unflinching—and contagious. Her boldness made everyone around her braver, and the result was a sense of possibility in any room she entered. As she so aptly named herself, Suzanne was truly a catalyst at large. 

In the billions of dollars she influenced, Suzanne’s legacy is flowing across the world: reinvested in countless women entrepreneurs and innovators whose vision and leadership were devalued or ignored. As they realize their own dreams, Suzanne’s influence will live on for generations to come. 

As a founding member of our Investment Advisory Council, Suzanne deeply touched our lives along with our work. Below, members of the council share their own tributes to a remarkable woman and unforgettable friend.

Dear Suzanne,

Thank you for creating the path that we walk on today. Through your highly regarded global convenings that were planned with such meticulous detail; sessions were curated to focus on solutions and anticipate upcoming trends in gender lens investing. I learned how to sharpen my purpose and broaden my focus in this field. Not only were you a door opener but you carried the investor community with you and always challenged capital owners and asset managers to do more whilst being better advocates for gender equality.

It has been more than an honour to serve with you on this investment advisory council. Your contributions to this council and the industry as a whole leaves an inspirational legacy that we have been privileged to witness. The work to shift capital to drive impactful outcomes for women and girls is who we are and what we do. Legends never die; they multiply- cheers to all the gender active initiatives like Equality Fund that exist today to further this work.

With immense gratitude,

Andia Chakava
Chair of Equality Fund Investment Advisory Council

This is such a loss. Suzanne wasn’t just a leader or a colleague; she was a beacon, illuminating the path of empowerment, equity, and justice. Her audacity to challenge norms, her unyielding spirit to drive meaningful change, and her ability to inspire those around her made her the north star of our community…

…I am profoundly grateful for the moments we shared, the insights she imparted, and the indelible mark she has left on my professional journey and, more broadly, on the landscape of gender-focused investment. Suzanne might not walk among us anymore, but her spirit, teachings, and legacy are embedded in every step toward a more equitable world.

To Suzanne – your torch will never dim, and we pledge to carry it forward with the same passion, commitment, and enthusiasm you exemplified. In your honour, we will continue to champion gender lens investing and ensure that your groundbreaking work impacts generations to come.

With most profound respect and gratitude,

Maja Savic
Founder and Director, NGO Atina

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