Equality Fund 2020/21 Annual Report

To our Friends…

It all began with a promise. A seed of shared determination to reimagine—and rebuild—the systems that were never built by us or for us. A collective commitment to do whatever it takes to shift power and resources to the feminist movements driving change around the globe.

After our first full year of operations, the Equality Fund is breaking through to deliver on that promise. Nourished by our community of partners, we are moving money to feminist activists, investing in gender equality, cultivating feminist philanthropy, and putting women, girls, and non-binary people at the centre of the global agenda.

Radical trust lies at the heart of it all. Deep, unshakable trust in the inherent power and wisdom of feminist movements to create the world we need. Trust we have in each other as we step into the unmapped and unknown.

As we look back on a year of global crisis, we see that radical trust made the difference. It is the roots from which we will grow in the years to come. It is the inflection point between survival and breaking through to a better world.

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