Announcing the Equality Fund’s inaugural Investment Advisory Council

We are thrilled to announce the Equality Fund’s inaugural Investment Advisory Council—a dynamic group of global leaders whose diverse perspectives and expertise are pushing the edges of innovation across feminist movements and the investment landscape. 

The Council is a reflection of our deep commitment to partnership, collaboration, and accountability to feminist movements. It will foster sustained dialogue with our many stakeholders—including women’s rights organizations—to ensure that the perspectives and hard-earned wisdom of their work is incorporated across our investment activities. The Council will also provide advice to our investment team and the Equality Fund’s investment committee on our approach to gender-lens investing. 

 By incorporating feminist perspectives into the very core of our investment practices, we hope to demonstrate the enormous potential for gender-lens investing to shift meaningful resources—and lasting power—to women, youth, girls, and non-binary people across the world.

The time is now to show the world how. What money with purpose can do for women like me and you. We are here to show that women movements need capital to grow. To lift the unheard and unseen and take us to where we have never been.

Andia Chakava, Chair, Equality Fund Investment Advisory Council

Equality Fund Investment Advisory Council members bring powerful and diverse expertise from across gender-lens investing and global feminist movements. Each will serve an initial two-year term.

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