Move with Us: A Spring Update and Invitation


And we will move the world

Spring is bursting with growth and possibility. In a time of global crisis, it reminds us of the enduring power of hope and collective action. As a member of the Equality Fund community, you are moving with us across the world, spreading seeds of solidarity and nourishing feminist change

In a month that honours caregivers, we invite you on a journey to celebrate the many ways that care and empathy are fueling our feminist futures. And to witness the world of possibility that is already breaking through as a result. 

Move with us

May is a month that honours caregivers of every kind, and a chance for us to support collective care and empathy delivered every day by feminist movements.

By pledging $1 a day, you can send a message to feminist movements all around the world: I’m ready to move with you.

Delivering care amid crisis

Care is also at the core of our response to humanitarian crises. With you by our side, we’re on the move across the world.

Through a grant to Urgent Action Fund Asia and Pacific, we provided emergency funding to 23 women and non-binary human rights defenders in Afghanistan. We also organized a briefing so that Afghan women activists could speak directly to Canadian government officials about the challenges they face and needs on the ground.

LISTEN to Mahbouba Seraj, a prominent Afghan women’s rights activist and journalist.

In Ukraine, we are calling for an end to the war and humanitarian assistance that reaches all those in need on the ground, including women and girls in all their diversity. And we’re resourcing groups with deep local relationships, like the Ukrainian Women’s Foundation. We are also reminding the world to hear the calls of our sisters and colleagues in other crises that don’t always make the news, from Palestine and Yemen to Mali and Sudan and Lebanon

Building care economies

Valuing care means valuing caregivers. The pandemic brought a spotlight to the world’s dependence on caregivers, yet progress on policies that truly centre caregivers remains mixed. Last year, The Conversation convened a powerful discussion about the radical changes needed to ensure that caregivers rise to the top of the agenda.  

Reflecting our promise to the world

In every season and in every region, a simple truth propels our work forward: When we move together, we move the world. At the Equality Fund, it’s our reason for being, a promise we extend to every person we encounter across every area of our work.

That’s why we’re so excited to launch an entirely revamped brand identity—with refreshed messaging and visual identity—that fully illuminates the boundless ambition, radical vision, and deep trust at the heart of this promise. It’s a vision you bring to life every day.

Growing “one relationship at a time”

We were thrilled to join The Philanthropy Workshop Global Summit—and see many of you—in Toronto in March. Our Co-CEOs, Jess Houssian and Jess Tomlin, shared the origin story of the Equality Fund and spoke about the power of relationships as core to everything we do: “Ambition is met with ambition and hope is met with hope.” We also published a Toronto Star op-ed linked to the gathering that was widely shared.

Leading with light

These are not easy times for the world. But this is exactly when our community takes action. Together, we can stand with the caregivers who keep moving us forward.

At the Equality Fund, philanthropy is an act of solidarity. And with each donation, with each act of solidarity, our collective power grows.

This May, we are called to move once more.  

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Move with Us

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