Show up Together: Bringing the promise of feminist philanthropy to life

We show up for each other. 

It’s the essence of feminist philanthropy, and we bring it to life in countless ways. We volunteer and speak out. We give money, advice, and encouragement.

In a world of grief and cynicism, we dare to love each other and ourselves. And then we act from that love. Across communities and cultures, dreams and disappointments, progress and pushback, feminist philanthropy sustains and connects us.

Watch the video below to go around the world and hear our grantee partners speak on the power of feminist philanthropy.

Show up Together: Bringing the promise of feminist philanthropy to life

How will you show your support? Join us! Fund feminist futures today.

With thanks to the grantee partners involved: 


Akola, Tamukke Feminist Rising, Guyana | WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK

Immaculata – Wapichan Women’s Movement, Guyana | WEBSITE

Keithlin, Helen’s Daughters, Saint Lucia | WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK

Milivan, AFEDES, Guatemala | WEBSITE | FACEBOOK

Nicola, Integrated Health Outreach, Antigua and Barbuda | WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK

Xheni, Aleanca LGBT, Albania | WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM

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Celebrating the Alliance for Feminist Movements 

As global leaders gathered for the UN General Assembly this past September, the Equality Fund was proud to join in celebrating the Alliance for Feminist Movements: a bold collaboration designed to mobilize support for feminist movements and their agendas worldwide.

Together with over 150 governments, women’s funds, philanthropic institutions, and feminist organizations, this multi-stakeholder alliance is bringing new energy and collaboration aimed at ensuring that feminist movements have both the financial and political support they deserve to advance their work. 

Giving voice to the power of feminist philanthropy

In October, our very own Roz Lee authored an Op-Ed in the Toronto Star entitled Philanthropy can reduce inequality – if it’s done the right way. Roz explains how feminist philanthropy can help advance justice:

The philanthropy status quo won’t cut it. Funders must do more than shift resources — they must also shift power. It is only once funding is in the hands of those who have experienced the consequences of inequality that we will begin to see change take place.
The best place to start is by directing more resources to social movements. At their core, movements are self-led communities of people whose lives are most impacted by injustice and who are building power together to demand better.

Reimaging Non-Competitive Grantmaking in Community

With a mindset of mutual trust and abundance, we set out with our sister funds to flip the funding script. Together, we co-designed a non-competitive grantmaking model with feminist values of collaboration, solidarity, and community at the core. We called this model Step Up/Step Back

Our second grantmaking stream, Activate, is the powerful result of this model. A total of 23 feminist funds working across 5 continents are now receiving $14 million CAD in flexible funding through this stream. 


The intersection of gender equality and climate justice

Immaculata from the Wapichan Women’s Movement (seen in our opening video) and the Equality Fund’s Hillary Clauson are attending the 27th United Nations climate change conference (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt, until November 18th. 

At COP27, we taking to the international stage to amplify the voices of feminist activists working at the intersection of gender equality and climate justice.

In preparation for this important gathering, the Equality Fund and WEDO brought together feminist activists, organizations, and funds to discuss how to advance gender and climate justice agenda.

We know that feminist philanthropy makes the difference. 

It’s a spark that pivots the world away from darkness—and toward a future of joy, equality, and light. If we continue to act together.

Your support will sustain and propel our momentum while signalling to others that together, nothing will stop us. 

Whatever 2023 brings, we will keep showing up for each other. In a world of deep uncertainty, this much is certain. We will be there for one another. And when we decide to stand together, our best and boldest future is always within our reach. 

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