Building a Feminist Fund

Imagine a fund that could deliver unprecedented and ongoing resources to feminist movements…

As part of its commitment to ensure feminist accountability, the Equality Fund collaborated with the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), a global feminist movement support and membership organization, to undertake consultations with feminists in the global South to generate inputs and recommendations to its current 'Design and Build' phase.

These consultations asked questions and developed recommendations for the Equality Fund on:

  • Grantmaking
  • Feminist governance
  • Philanthropic strategies
  • Investment

While the specific focus of the consultations was to develop recommendations for the Equality Fund, the discussions surfaced many themes and challenges for feminist funders in general.

The consultations took place in person (with workshops in Panama, Ghana and Sri Lanka) and virtually. AWID and the Equality Fund co-hosted a series of webinars (in four languages - English, French, Spanish, and Arabic) in early 2020. Read more in the background document for the consultations is available here.

Watch the videos here:


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