Executive team

Dana Sakalla

Executive Coordinator


Laura D'Angelo

General Manager (Currently on leave)


Mathura Karunanithy

General Manager


Carol Devenny

Chief Financial Officer


Joanne Sevigny

Director, Human Resources & Administration


Marianne Morwick



Helena Brakatu

Financial Analyst


Alix Porritt

Financial Analyst


Karima Bouchama

Finance Officer, Programs


Jonathan Miseferi

Digital Systems Manager


Bruna Llakmani



Mallory Scott

Senior Human Resources Officer


Sumaiya Mir

Human Resources Officer


Alexandra Leslie

Human Resources/Administrative Assistant

Feminist Grantmaking and Advocacy program

Beatriz Gonzalez

Vice President, Global Programs


Wariri Muhungi

Manager, Global Programs


Erika Gates-Gasse

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Specialist


Marine-Celeste Kiromera

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Officer


Vicky Schreiber

Senior Program Officer, Women's Funds


Remie Abi-Farrage

Program Officer


Melanie Lindayen

Program Officer


Gloria Kan

Administrative Assistant, Programs

Philanthropy program

Bonnie Shepherd

Chief Development Officer


Nuala Nazarko

Director of Development - Major Gifts


Shannon Boeckner

Director of Development - Community & Donor Relations


Natalya Sharapova

Fundraising Officer (Currently on leave)


Brittany Skerritt

Fundraising Officer


Jermaine Jacobs

Gift Processing & Database Coordinator


Vidya Nair

Development Officer

Gender-lens Investment program

Bonnie Foley-Wong

Head of Investment Strategy

Policy, Strategy, and External Relations

Beth Woroniuk

Policy Lead


Melinda Wells

Strategic Partnerships Lead


Susan Snider

Director, Strategy and Innovation


Sandy Hung

Manager, Business Transformation


Alessia Matsos

Digital Content Officer

Women’s Voice and Leadership – Caribbean program

Amina Doherty

Program Director, Women's Voice and Leadership - Caribbean program


Andrea Calmet

Program Officer, Women's Voice and Leadership - Caribbean program


Kristina Mena

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Officer, Women's Voice and Leadership - Caribbean program