Webinar: How would you build a new feminist fund?

Imagine a fund that could deliver unprecedented and ongoing resources to feminist movements… And now imagine you can contribute to its design.


Introducing the Equality Fund—an exciting new fund to support feminist change.

As part of its commitment to ensure feminist accountability, the Equality Fund is collaborating with AWID, a global feminist movement support and membership organization, to undertake a series of consultations with feminists to generate inputs and recommendations to its current 'Design and Build' phase.

We invite you to join us in online consultations between 11 and 13 February 2020. There will be four webinars in different languages and time zones to ensure diverse participation from the breadth and depth of feminist movements globally. The content of each webinar will be exactly the same—simply register for whichever date and time is most convenient to you.

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More about the Webinars:

The Webinars are an opportunity to get to know the Equality Fund, ask questions and share your comments and suggestions to inform its design. They also feed into a parallel process of small, in-person consultations with feminist partners that are taking place between December 2019 to February 2020.

By joining the Equality Fund Webinar you can:

  • Learn more about the Fund, its plans and commitments;
  • Contribute to its 'Design and Build' phase, particularly grantmaking strategies, investment mechanisms and feminist accountability;
  • Provide guidance on best practice for feminist consultations, accountability mechanisms and communications for the life of the Fund.

Your ideas and input during the webinars will build on questions raised in the face-to-face consultations and contribute to the final report to be presented to the Equality Fund in April 2020. The consultations’ key take-aways and recommendations will be available publicly and shared in the second quarter of 2020.

So, how would you design and build the Equality Fund?

We’re excited to find out!

Register NOW! Places are limited:

  • Register for ENGLISH/ARABIC February 12 at 1pm UTC
  • Register for ENGLISH February 11 at 2am UTC
  • Register for SPANISH February 12 at 4pm UTC
  • Register for FRENCH February 13 at 4pm UTC

More about the Equality Fund

  • The Equality Fund is an exciting new fund to support feminist change. Announced in June 2019, with a historic contribution of $300 million CAD from Global Affairs Canada, it has a bold vision to develop a pioneering and self-sustaining model to deliver unprecedented resources to feminist movements, initially in the global South.

  • What makes the Equality Fund especially unique is how the model includes gender-lens investing as a tool to further the work. The Equality Fund will directly support organizations creating opportunities at the most local level while also leveraging a gender-lens investment strategy to generate income and opportunity to sustainably fund—and scale—this system-changing work.
  • Incubated by The MATCH International Women's Fund (now the Equality Fund organization), the Equality Fund is a groundbreaking collaboration supported by a collective of partners from the field of feminist grant making, gender-lens investing and philanthropy, including African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF), Philanthropy Advancing Women’s Rights (PAWHR) and other diverse organizations like Community Foundations of Canada, Canadian Women's Foundation, and Royal Bank of Canada.