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The Equality Fund is an international feminist fund based in Canada. We are a ground-breaking
collaboration harnessing diverse actors to catalyze new momentum for women’s rights and
feminist movements. Building on the experience of the MATCH International Women’s Fund, and
with significant contributions from the Government of Canada and other donors, we provide
resources to women’s rights and feminist organizations from the grassroots level to the regional
and global stage. Women’s rights organizations and feminist movements around the world are
at the forefront of change—holding the line, resisting rights violations, demanding equality, and
driving solutions to get us there. The Equality Fund’s strategy is to support the priorities that they


The Equality Fund is seeking to contract an individual consultant with relevant experience in
using storytelling approaches for monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Based on feedback received from Equality Fund grantee partners, there is an interest in learning
how to use storytelling effectively to narrate stories of change, both at the institutional level and
to illustrate the impact of their work with the communities that they serve. The webinar would be
open to grantee partners under the Women’s Voice and Leadership (WVL) Caribbean project and
the Catalyze partners, who will be asked to register for one of the two webinar sessions, for
English-speaking participants and for Spanish-speaking participants. The webinars would be
hosted on Zoom, a platform that is familiar to the grantee partners.

The consultant will be asked to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Design content for a 90-minute webinar for Equality Fund grantee partners to deepen their
    skills in using storytelling approaches to narrate their stories of change.
  2. Deliver two webinars (the same content would be delivered at both webinars, with
    provisions made for English-speaking and Spanish-speaking participants) as outlined


1. Proposed plan for the MEL storytelling webinar: Prepare a brief document / presentation articulating the outline and content of the webinar, accompanied by a proposed timeline for the webinars.

2. Delivery of two webinars on MEL storytelling: Design and deliver a series of two webinars (1.5 hours per session) to deepen the skills of Equality Fund grantee partners to narrate their stories of change.

3. Debrief to MEL core group: Participate in a debrief session with the MEL core group to share insight from the webinars and opportunities for future, ongoing learning.


  • Expertise in MEL methodologies, specifically using storytelling approaches for
  • monitoring, evaluation and learning to tell impact stories.
  • Minimum of five years of relevant experience in conducting training, with a track record
  • of successful consultancies;
  • Strong facilitation skills and flexible approach to work;
  • Highly organized, analytical, adaptive and responsive to feedback and changes in
  • direction when needed;
  • Availability to undertake this consultancy during the month of May 2023.

Voluntary Disclosure:
The Equality Fund implements gender-responsive procurement practices, actively seeking to
maximize support for women’s organizations and suppliers working to advance gender equality.
We believe that expanding and diversifying our pool of suppliers is a powerful tool to build a
more competitive and robust supplier base. The ultimate objective of our feminist approach to
procurement is to ensure that EF is able to thoughtfully consider whether it has, or can find,
suppliers who are aligned with the mission of advancing gender equality, while at the same time
meeting the need for timely delivery of high-quality goods and services at competitive prices.
We believe that it is possible to seek value-alignment with our suppliers, as well as our
investments and programming.

We invite respondents to provide information which will allow us to assess if your organization
is mission-aligned to ours. This relates to both internal structure, practices and policies, as well
as how you operate in the world. Internal examples include policies and practices related to
diversity, equity and inclusion; the proportion of the leadership team and/or staff who are women,
Indigenous, LGBTIQ, visible minority and/or disabled; transparency and commitment to equal
pay; and the use of flexible work arrangements. External examples include careful consideration
of how your business practices (including the services you provide or the goods you produce)
can and do support the rights of women, girls, and LGBTQI people and a more equitable world.
Additional elements include positive role models in advertising/promotions materials, joint work
with equality-seeking women’s organizations, advocacy initiatives, and other impact-oriented

We encourage all respondents to share information on mission alignment to gender equality.
Responses do not need to be lengthy, but we appreciate any information you choose to share.


A timeline for the duration of this consultancy is outlined below:

  • Applications due: 10th April 2023
  • Consultancy duration: 1st – 31st May 2023


The Equality Fund is inviting consultants to prepare a short proposal for this consultancy. The proposal must include the following:

  • A financial proposal in Canadian dollars, including all costs, fees, and expenses required to carry out the consultancy. The Equality Fund expects this project to take a maximum of six (6) days.
  • A short description on how the consultant would approach the assignment
  • A short summary of the consultant(s)’ relevant experience and CV

Kindly submit your proposal electronically to:

Kristina Mena
Senior Officer, Learning & Impact
Email: [email protected]

The deadline for receipt of proposals is Monday April 10th, 2023

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