Beatriz Gonzalez Manchon

Co-VP Global Programs
  • Beatriz Gonzalez Manchon
  • Co-Vice President, Global Programs
  • Pronoun(s): she/her
  • Words to Inspire: "It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Mandela
  • Ottawa, Canada

Beatriz Gonzalez Manchon is Co-Vice President of Global Programs at the Equality Fund, where, along with Wariri Muhungi, she oversees and expands the Equality Fund’s grantmaking to support the rights of women, girls, and non-binary people. Bea’s portfolio focuses on the design and development of diverse grantmaking streams, with a focus on enhancing grantmaking systems, policies, and practices. She co-leads a talented grantmaking team and manages strategic relationships with Equality Fund consortium partners and the feminist funding ecosystem, including other women’s funds.

Beatriz brings two decades of experience working with women’s rights organizations around the world, especially in South East Asia, the Americas, Central Europe, and the Middle East. Prior to joining the Equality Fund, she worked in programming to address injustice and advance women’s human rights through her work with Oxfam Canada, Amnesty International and the Delegation of European Commission in Thailand, among others. She has a BA in business administration and an MA in gender and development studies from the Asian Institute of Technology. Beatriz is fluent in Spanish, English, French, and German.

In her spare time, Beatriz enjoys a good dance session, and has frequent disco parties in her kitchen with her partner, her two teenage girls, and her dog.

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