Jon Miseferi

Digital Systems Manager
  • Jon Miseferi
  • Digital Systems Manager
  • Pronoun(s): he/him
  • Words to Inspire: Let's. Do. This.
  • Ottawa, Canada

Jon Miseferi is an outgoing and creative digital strategist and producer with over 10 years of experience leading complex digital projects for Canadian nonprofits and municipalities. As Digital Systems Manager, Jon is responsible for the Equality Fund’s multi-phase digital transformation and for managing our day-to-day IT operations, with the support of our staff and partners.

A business grad from Trent University, Jon realized his passion for marketing and communications when he interned for two summers at Dimassimo Goldstein, an ad agency in New York City. Following this experience, he spent seven years working for three full-service agencies in Ottawa and the next three years as an independent strategist and producer on a range of digital projects for many cutting-edge nonprofit organizations, including the MATCH International Women’s Fund.

When away from his laptop, you can find Jon fixing up furniture he found on the street, convincing his friends to embrace minimalism, or watching a good documentary on Netflix.

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