Susan Snider

Director, Strategy and Innovation
  • Susan Snider
  • Director, Strategy and Innovation
  • Pronoun(s): she/her
  • Words to Inspire: “You are unrepeatable, there is a magic about you that is all your own.” - D.M. Dellinger
  • Ottawa, Canada

As the strategy lead at the Equality Fund, Susan works horizontally across the organization to grow and scale our work and impact. As an innovation specialist, Susan is also building the Equality Fund’s innovation practices, methods, and tools to ensure we are designing our organization to meet the needs of feminist activists and movements in the global South.

Susan joined the Equality Fund in 2018 after a 25-year consulting career. She has worked with public, private, not-for-profit, and United Nations clients around the world, helping leaders and teams build strategy, design and test new products and services, re-imagine learning journeys, and lead unique engagement experiences.

Susan received her MBA and juris doctor (common law) from the University of Ottawa (Canada). When she shuts off her laptop, she spends her time building Lego with her two boys, fine-tuning her at-home barista skills, and carving out quiet spaces for reading.

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