Wariri Muhungi

Co-VP Global Programs
  • Wariri Muhungi
  • Co-Vice President, Global Programs
  • Pronoun(s): she/her
  • Words to Inspire: "But mama, everything is Art." - Wadene, my son
  • Toronto, Canada

Wariri Muhungi is the is Co-Vice President of Global Programs at the Equality Fund, where, along with Beatriz Gonzalez Manchon, she oversees and expands the Equality Fund’s grantmaking to support the rights of women, girls, and non-binary people. Wariri’s portfolio focuses on the strategy and design of diverse grantmaking streams, with a focus on deepening grantmaking and accompaniment strategies, mechanisms, and practices. She co-leads a talented grantmaking team and manages strategic relationships with Equality Fund consortium partners and the feminist funding ecosystem.

An African of Kenyan origin, she has worked with social justice organizations globally in areas of community organizing, human rights, advocacy, and capacity strengthening. Before joining the Equality Fund, Wariri worked for 15 years in spaces that support the self-determination of feminist and youth movements. She has worked in Switzerland, Kenya, Guatemala, Australia and Malaysia with activists, artists, strategists, and philanthropists promoting the rights and holistic well-being of womxn.

Wariri’s passion is learning about practices that centre on intergenerational healing, especially for BIPOC communities. She loves to create art and music and go rock climbing and trampolining with her son. She now lives in Canada, where in 2010 she received a master’s degree in adult education and community development from OISE at the University of Toronto.

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