Go to the frontlines: Join Malala Yousafzai, Raven LaCerte, and Pratima Gurung for a conversation about young feminist activism

September 3, 2021

All around the world, young feminist activists are done with waiting. They are moving: challenging the status quo, mobilizing powerful movements, and reimagining our pathway toward a just world. 

Today, their voices confront rising threats. As girls, women, and non-binary people face new crises—and longstanding oppression—the visions of young feminists shine a light at a crossroads for the world. It will be their leadership, and our solidarity, that will help make the difference between a future of violence and darkness or one of liberation and light. 

On September 23, the Equality Fund is proud to welcome celebrated activist Pratima Gurung,  courageous advocate Raven Lacerte, and Nobel Peace Prize-winner Malala Yousafzai for a timely and intimate conversation about the power of young activists to mobilize and lead. 

A long-planned part of our philanthropy series The Conversation, this special session has taken on renewed urgency amid crises in Afghanistan, Haiti, Lebanon and far beyond. At a time when global collaboration and solidarity feel so necessary, we are opening up this virtual dialogue to guests everywhere. 

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Whether confronting conflict and crisis, advancing girls’ access to education, ending violence, or promoting environmental justice, youth-led movements are bringing fresh energy and perspective to the biggest challenges of our time. 

With Pratima, Raven, and Malala as our guides, we will go inside this work, uncovering what it takes to remain true to feminist values and vision amid profound pain and pushback. 

Through an interactive dialogue, this session will reveal the power of feminist movements to move all of us to a better world, and invite each of us to find our voices and roles within them.

Reimagining the rulebook

This is a conversation that all of us in the Equality Fund community are deeply inspired to host. 

Together with our partners, we are reimagining the rulebook for resourcing feminist movements. For too long, traditional charity models have kept money and power at the top. They’ve left feminist activists starved for steady funding and control over their futures.

That is why we are designing a new kind of funding model, one that combines gender-lens investing, bold public funds, and powerful, multi-sector philanthropy to unlock new capital for feminist movements globally. Through it all, we are guided by a collective north star: an unshakeable trust in the power of feminist movements to build the world we need.  

The sheer promise of this work comes alive in the vision and organizing of young feminist activists. On September 23, each of us will gain a window into this work and a new perspective on our role in it. We hope you will join us.


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