Our Investment Strategy

The Equality Fund focuses on how it can advance the human rights of women and girls and create favourable conditions for them to thrive, and in turn, create value.

Through an interrelated set of investment strategies, we utilize our own capital; co-invest alongside others; and share opportunities to channel into gender-lens investment.


The Equality Fund has crafted an investment strategy that is 100% mission-aligned with the goal of advancing gender equality. We have partnered with Toronto Foundation, who will steward and invest approximately $300million CAD in a multi-asset portfolio to implement that strategy. Toronto Foundation works with an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer that will collaborate closely with the Equality Fund to refine and execute on our gender-lens investing framework and select managers and investment products so that the investment portfolio can achieve compelling risk-adjusted returns with positive impact on gender equality.


The Equality Fund encourages other investors to co-invest in the Equality Fund’s gender-lens investments. Through knowledge sharing, advocacy, and engagement across the investment industry, we will mobilize new capital and unleash a groundswell for lasting change.

Asset Management
The Equality Fund will develop new gender-lens investing products for investors. We are excited to share additional details in the future.

Join Us

Opportunities to invest in gender equality are increasing every day. Send us an email at [email protected] to begin a conversation about how we can work together.

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