Investing in Feminist Futures

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals—and building a just and healthy future for everyone—demands significantly greater levels of public and private investment. Traditional financial markets hold the resources we need to fill this gap, but how can we move quickly to unlock this potential?

Gender-lens investing offers an answer—providing a promising pathway to tap into existing and new financial markets with investments in a gender-equal future. At the Equality Fund, we will make money work for women and girls twice: first by using capital to influence the way businesses address the needs of many; and then by using the returns from those investments to fund the much-needed work on the ground.

How Equality Fund Influences as an Investor

Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change

If we apply a gender lens and integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into all our investment activities, then we can create sustainable funding for our ambitious grantmaking vision. By watching, learning, and building, we will achieve 100 percent mission-alignment across all our investments and support local investment ecosystems.

Our investment thesis

Our Investment Thesis

By investing capital in businesses that prioritize the perspectives, needs, and rights of women and girls, we can generate compelling and sustainable financial returns and advance gender equality simultaneously.

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