Policy and Strategic Partnerships

All around the world, feminist movements are rising. Amid pandemics of disease, systemic racism, growing inequality, and rising nationalism, the power of feminist movements to advance gender, racial, and climate justice together is clearer to more people, in more places, than ever before.

We believe that resourcing women’s rights organizations and gender justice movements is fundamental to a more just, peaceful, and sustainable future. This is how change happens.

We are building an anti-racist, anti-oppression fund that lives these values in our day-to-day operations and in who and what we fund. Our feminism aims to be intersectional, recognizing and learning from the issues raised by Indigenous feminists, Black feminists, Queer feminists, feminists with disabilities, and others who have not always had their voices heard.

We draw inspiration from our grantee partners (organizations led by women, girls, and non-binary people), from our work with other like-minded organizations and women’s funds, and from others working to strengthen the broader feminist funding ecosystem. We aim to shape and contribute to discussions in Canada and around the world on the policy issues that influence how money is invested in feminist change—by governments, philanthropists, and the private sector.

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Funding Feminist Movements

While feminist movements hold solutions to the most pressing problems of our time, only a tiny fraction of development assistance, philanthropy, and investment capital directly supports their work. Changing this reality is our core mandate.

Feminist Foreign Policy

We believe that strong feminist foreign policies will support more peaceful, just, and sustainable societies. They also strengthen national stability and security, while reaffirming basic rights and advancing progress

Climate Action

Climate change poses an existential threat to our world. Feminist approaches offer new ways of building effective, sustainable climate action. Feminist activists are often at the forefront, pushing for action and investment to address climate change. 


As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought profound changes to Canada and the world, its specific impact on women, girls, and non-binary people has been dramatic, disproportionate, and deep. Gender violence is now called a ‘shadow pandemic.’

Our Reports and Briefs

In close collaboration with our partners, the Equality Fund (and The MATCH Fund before it), has produced a wide range of policy briefs, reports, articles, and opinion essays to chronicle and capture the growing impact of feminist movements.

What We Are Reading

The global conversation about feminist futures is growing every day. We share occasional links to new reports and articles that are capturing our attention and contain helpful insights for our shared work around the world. 

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