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When women, girls, and trans people are told to lower our expectations: We move.

Resourcing women’s rights organizations and feminist movements is fundamental to a more just, peaceful, and sustainable future. It’s how change happens.

At the Equality Fund, we aim to shape and contribute to discussions in Canada and around the world on the policy issues that influence how money is invested in feminist change—by governments, philanthropists, and the private sector.

Funding feminist movements

While feminist movements hold solutions to the most pressing problems of our time, only a tiny fraction of development assistance, philanthropy, and investment capital directly supports their work. Changing this reality is our core mandate.

Together with our sister funds, we are shining a light on the enduring impact of feminist movements around the world. We are building a strong evidence base to capture and chronicle the catalytic role played by women’s rights and feminist organizations.

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Feminist foreign policy

We believe that strong feminist foreign policies will support more peaceful, just, and sustainable societies. They also strengthen national stability and security, while reaffirming basic rights and advancing progress toward global sustainable development goals.

We advocate for a clear and consistent Canadian approach to feminist foreign policy that is implemented across all our international relations (including diplomacy, security, global health, trade and economic policy, global institutions, and international assistance). We learn from others, including governments who are paving the way, as well as from activists, who boldly advocate for new and better approaches to international relations.

Climate action

Feminist approaches offer new ways of building effective, sustainable climate action. There is growing evidence of the link between increased gender equality and positive climate outcomes.

We work to bring a feminist analysis to climate justice discussions and to advocate for more and better resources for women climate activists. We are inspired by our grantee partners working on these issues and by other feminist climate funders, including Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA) and CLIMA Fund. We learn from and with feminist climate activists, in Canada and around the world.

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