Funding Feminist Movements

While feminist movements hold solutions to the most pressing problems of our time, only a tiny fraction of development assistance, philanthropy, and investment capital directly supports their work. What little funding is available is often deeply unreliable, subject to onerous restrictions, and forever vulnerable to shifting priorities and political environments. Within this landscape, lesbian, bisexual, and Queer-identified women and non-binary activists, in particular, have little access to support from philanthropy and international assistance organizations.

Changing this reality is our core mandate.

One powerful strategy is to shine a light on the enduring impact of feminist movements around the world. That is why, together with the feminist funding community, we are building a strong evidence base to capture and chronicle the catalytic role played by women’s rights and gender  justice organizations. We know that collective action generates change—and we’re documenting that change to ensure it is more easily seen and understood by everyone, especially those who control how resources are invested. Together, we’re making the case that investing in organizations led by women, girls, and non-binary people will yield strategic and lasting results for everyone.

We work with others to bring this urgent discussion to policy, investment, and philanthropic circles. Our sister women’s funds are key partners, as are like-minded Canadian-based organizations. We partner with feminist activists around the world to make the case for feminist funding and expand the feminist funding ecosystem. 

From the Equality Fund
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