The Future (of Philanthropy) is Female

Feminist philanthropy is the wave of the future. According to a 2017 study, 73 percent of donors worldwide are women. And while traditional philanthropy often reinforces unhealthy power dynamics—where donors impose their priorities onto grantees—feminist philanthropy proposes a radically different approach.

At the Equality Fund, we believe that philanthropy should not be an elitist act. Rather, philanthropy is about solidarity and shared purpose: an opportunity for all of us to connect to the deepest part of our personal legacies and actively promote a more equitable world for everyone.

We have set ambitious philanthropic goals that are grounded in this vision. Philanthropy will play an especially critical role in our first five years, allowing us not only to design and build a sustainable funding model for lifetimes to come, but to make critical grants to women’s rights and gender justice organizations and feminist movements working at the forefront of change today.

This kind of transformative philanthropy is active and reciprocal, a feminist act of connection and solidarity that builds shared power and relationships. And with work this urgent, everyone has a critical role to play. Whether through donations of $10 or $10 million, Equality Fund donors stand together as essential members of a growing global movement for gender equality. We are powerful in our diversity, inclusive in our reach, and united by our collective commitment to give what we can to build the world we need.

The Equality Fund is building a global community of feminist philanthropists who actively challenge traditional power structures together. This philanthropy, a resolutely feminist philanthropy, is not about charity, but about inclusion, trust, and common purpose. It is about honouring our collective responsibility to address global gender inequality. Instead of funds trickling down from those in power, feminist philanthropy works shoulder-to-shoulder alongside the communities we serve, and is laser-focused on collaboration, intersectionality, and building collective power among women worldwide.

The Equality Fund pays close attention to the impacts of our grantmaking programs as we strive to shift power to women, girls, and non-binary people everywhere.

Together, we will continue to build new narratives, new practices, and an audacious new vision for the future of humanity.

For more information on philanthropy at the Equality Fund, please contact: 

Shannon Boeckner (she/her), Director of Development, Donor and Community Relations – [email protected]

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