Equality Fund Consortium

The Equality Fund Consortium refers to the three organizations—the Equality Fund, Toronto Foundation, and World University Services Canada—that signed an agreement with the Government of Canada to ensure the effective stewardship of its $300 million CAD contribution. The consortium is not a legal entity; instead, it is a collaboration among partners with deep and diverse areas of expertise coming together to design and build the Equality Fund Initiative. Each brings a unique role:

Equality Fund

The Equality Fund provides feminist leadership to the initiative, is the co-designer of the grantmaking strategy, in partnership with AWDF, and designer of the philanthropic and investment strategies.

Toronto Foundation

Toronto Foundation is the Equality Fund’s fiduciary partner and is accountable for the investment of the contribution from GAC totaling $300M CAD.


WUSC provides due diligence, compliance, financial, and capacity-building support to the Equality Fund for its grantmaking program.

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