Women’s Voice & Leadership–Caribbean Advisory Group

Robyn Charlery White

Saint Lucia

Dr. Su-Anne Robyn Charlery White is a Public Health research scholar, consultant, facilitator, and women’s rights advocate, who has avidly championed women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for over a decade. She holds a PhD in Health Promotion and Behavior, Masters of Public Health in Social and Behavioral Sciences and B.A in Psychobiology. Her interdisciplinary work in gender and health operates at the intersection of research, education, policy, and advocacy. Additionally, she is certified in Interdisciplinary Qualitative research methods, where her expertise in qualitative methodologices is particularly useful when working with vulnerable populations such as female sex workers and LGBTQI persons, and sensitive topics such as sexual violence.

Dr. White’s sexual health work in Black/ Caribbean youth, emerging adults and women, focuses on gender disparities in sexual health, and on exploring the interrelationships of cultural norms, gendered roles and gendered power in intimate relationships. She extensively researches and works with sexual health in Caribbean populations, and her evidence-based work has been presented and recognized at international conferences, policy briefings, governmental and NGO convenings. As a passionate believer in the power of translating research to practice, she emphasizes the importance of research in informing relevant programming and policies that affect women. As such, she tirelessly dedicates her efforts to assisting with the development and facilitation of evidence based SRHR projects and programming in schools, communities, NGOs and at the United Nations. Additionally, she has facilitated sexual health and sexuality courses to medical students to adequately prepare them to holistically address SRHR issues and concerns of patients they may encounter within future medical practice.Dr. White is the Founding Executive Director of the HERstoire Collective, which centers Caribbean women and girls sexual and reproductive health and rights through Health Education, Empowerment, Research and Stories. She currently serves as a National Steering Committee Member for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme –where she lends support for grants and projects on micro business, rural development, culture, communitcation and education using her competence in gender and public health. Ultimately, she prides herself on being a passionate Caribbean Feminist, women’s sex-positivity and self-care advocate who intends for her work to continue permeating and breaking down the boundaries of harmful cultural gendered norms, particularly in the Caribbean and other communities with women of colour.

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