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Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia is an organization founded in 2012 to advocate for women, children and other vulnerable populations who have experienced gender-based violence. The organization assists individuals and families by providing counselling, accompaniment to access medical and social services, and legal support. They deliver community education and developed public service announcements to raise awareness on gender-based violence. Additionally, Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia has a longstanding partnership with AmeriCares, which has enabled them to provide medicine and medical supplies to public hospitals.

#16 Days 2023

“Breaking Chains: Unveiling the Intertwined Threads of Gender Based Violence and Climate Change”

In the heart of Saint Lucia, a resilient flame flickers against the shadows of adversity. In this tale of interconnected destinies, the haunting reality of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and the looming specter of climate change converge, revealing a profound link that demands our attention and collective action.

“Climate change is not just an environmental crisis; it’s a human crisis,” states a survivor who found support through the compassionate endeavors of Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc. As rising temperatures and extreme weather events amplify vulnerabilities, they disproportionately affect marginalized communities, exacerbating existing inequalities.

Women and children find themselves on the front lines, bearing the brunt of both Gender Based Violence and climate-induced hardships. The cycle of violence intensifies as resource scarcity and displacement heighten stressors, leaving survivors in a perilous environment with the elements.

“In the face of adversity, our organization stands as a testament to the power of collective resilience, understanding the interplay between Gender Based Violence and climate change is crucial to dismantling these oppressive forces.”
The organization’s multifaceted approach recognizes the inextricable link between environmental and gender justice. By providing not just shelter and counseling but also fostering sustainable livelihoods, Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc disrupts the cycles that perpetuate vulnerability.

Amidst the chaos, “To truly combat the storms that assail us, we must recognize the inseparable ties between the violence inflicted on our planet and the violence faced by women and children. Only by addressing both can we hope to build a future where everyone can thrive.”

As we embark on this social media campaign, let our voices amplify this narrative. Let us stand together to unravel the threads that bind GBV and climate change, championing the work of Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc as an integral part of the equation. In unity, we find strength; in understanding, we find solutions; and in action, we manifest change. #BreakTheChains #ClimateJustice #EndGBV

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