Announcing our Catalyze Global Advisory Panel

The Equality Fund recently launched its inaugural Call for Proposals Catalyze—our first global feminist funding opportunity. Following an inspiring global consultation process with AWID, we invited women’s rights and feminist organizations from the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe to submit funding applications. We received nearly 1,000 organizational profiles from incredible organizations around the world.

Today, we are proud to announce our Global Advisory Panel—a tremendous group of ten feminist leaders—to support the Equality Fund to make informed decisions for the Catalyze program.

Alongside our grantmaking team and African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF), the Global Advisory Panel will help guide our decision-making process by providing recommendations and insights on the selection of our new cohort of women’s rights and LBTIQ organizations.

In the context of COVID19, respecting and protecting people’s time—especially those working every day to solve global inequality—is a top priority. Every fibre of Catalyze’s design aims to ensure this—from clearly outlining our application eligibility criteria to ensuring a seamless and accessible process for all. Our core community played an instrumental role in ensuring that feminist accountability was at the heart of our approach—staying true to inclusive grantmaking, community-informed strategies, and our Feminist Funding Principles.

We believe the Global Advisory Panel is a crucial stepping stone to create a more movement-informed, transparent, and participatory grantmaking process—and we are learning, reflecting, and adapting as we go.

We recognize that there are many power dynamics present in the world of human rights and philanthropy, and our goal is to shift power and resources to women’s rights and feminist organizations to advance their own priorities and agendas.

We could not be more optimistic about what we will continue to accomplish together, with our Global Advisory Panel and in our work for years to come.


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