Equality Fund launches “Prepare” funding call

We’re excited to announce the launch of “Prepare,” a new funding opportunity designed to support grassroots feminist movements in crisis preparation and response. We’re committed to supporting community-led approaches in building resilience and long-term solutions to crises.

What is “Prepare”?

“Prepare” is part of our broader “Prepare, Respond and Care” grantmaking stream to resource feminist movements as they anticipate, prepare for, and respond to crises. Our goal is to support initiatives that are contextually relevant, collaborative, and sustainable, ensuring that the solutions extend far beyond immediate needs.

The “Prepare” grant will focus on four key areas:

  1. Visionary Capacity: Strengthening the ability to envision and plan for future challenges.
  2. Warning Systems (Infrastructure): Building systems to detect and respond to crises early.
  3. Political Building: Enhancing political strategies and advocacy.
  4. Narrative Change: Shifting public narratives and attitudes towards feminist crisis response.

Prepare will prioritize strategies that centre the needs, voices, and leadership of women, girls, and gender-expansive people, and other marginalized groups who are disproportionately impacted by crises. Learn more in the Application Guidelines.

Why now?

The current global climate is marked by multiple crises, from climate emergency, to conflict and gender-based violence, alongside the growth of anti-gender actors, narratives, and policies. The moment demands urgent and strategic action. Feminist activists and organizations need robust support to prepare for crises, build resilience, and strategize for better futures. We are dedicated to moving funds swiftly and efficiently.

Since the Equality Fund launched in 2019, we’ve been committed to supporting feminist organizations and funds that are responding to and working in crisis contexts. To date, we have funded approximately $10 million CAD to emerging and evolving responses globally addressing disasters, armed conflict, and war, as well as other crises in fragile contexts. 

Who can apply?

This funding stream is open to women’s rights and feminist organizations, groups, networks, and collectives based in the Global South and East, in ODA-eligible countries. We are interested in supporting new applicants, and, in particular, collaborations. A note that current Equality Fund grantee partners will not be eligible to submit applications, but can be part of collaborative initiatives. Learn more in the Application Guidelines.

How to apply?

Starting June 28, 2024, submit your Expression of Interest through our online Community Portal. The deadline is July 24, 2024. Find out if you meet the criteria by first completing the Eligibility Quiz in the Portal. 

In the case of collaborations, the Eligibility Quiz and Expression of Interest must be submitted by the lead organization. 

The application process has two stages:

  1. Stage 1 (June 28-July 24, 2024): Expression of Interest: Once you’ve passed the eligibility quiz, register your collaboration/organization’s interest by providing key information about your vision, mission, and work to advance women’s rights and gender equality in a crisis context. See Expression of Interest template.
  2. Stage 2 (October 2024): Advanced Application: Shortlisted applicants will be invited to complete a full advanced application.

We will continue our participatory grantmaking approach with an external advisory body, comprising activists, academics, and community representatives to help ensure our funding decisions are grounded in the realities and priorities of feminist movements.

Key links:

Learn more about our crisis work

In 2023, we commissioned research on feminist responses to crises titled Unfolding the Tapestry: Weaving Themes and Strategies of Feminist Crisis Response. This report highlights crisis responses led by activists, organizations, and movements across various sectors including climate, civic space, human rights, democracy, LGBTQI+, women’s rights, and Indigenous Peoples. It focuses on the experiences and perspectives of frontline responders, who are often absent from global dialogues and responses.

We look forward to collaborating with new partners and supporting collective responses to crises. We want to help transform the capacity of grassroots movements – and funders- to respond and create worlds of repair and revival. Meeting this moment will demand urgency, care, and diverse strategies that centre feminist leadership. Now is the time for visionary strategies fueled by flexible funding to build just and sustainable futures.

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