International Transgender Day of Visibility

Asociación Comunicando y Capacitando a Mujeres Trans con VIH en El Salvador (COMCAVIS TRANS)

Celebrating the visibility and power of trans people everywhere

All across the globe, trans people are creating, contributing, accomplishing, and leading us forward. International Transgender Day of Visibility is a moment for everyone to honour and celebrate the achievements and courage of trans people worldwide.

At the Equality Fund, the liberation of trans people is fundamental to our vision of an equal future for everyone. And the leadership of trans people is an important throughline across our work. We know that rooting out all forms of transphobia is essential to realizing a future that is feminist and free. 

Today we are lifting up examples of our trans-led grantee partners whose courageous work is changing the world every day. These leaders are showing everyone what an equal and inclusive future can look like. Watch our social media channels today to link directly to their work.

On this day of trans visibility, we must also remember how our own movements for gender equality and LGBTQI+ rights have a long history of harming and marginalizing trans people. Of making them invisible. Today we reaffirm that our liberation is linked and our equality depends on rising together. If we move together, we can move the world.

We are immensely proud to join with our partners, allies, and friends across the globe in renewing our call for a future where all women, girls, and trans people are safe, celebrated, and free. 

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