Feminism in Motion–Equality Fund 2022-23 Annual Report

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Our boldest feminist futures begin with steady steps of change today.

As a community of activists, we know that transformation and liberation are a process. Social and structural change takes time—even generations. As we dream big and imagine our most ambitious future, how do we move closer to it right now?  At the Equality Fund, 2022-23 was a year of change in action. With many different approaches in many different places, our communities are making feminist futures real. It’s about shifting and reshaping the status quo as we’ve found it. Disrupting assumptions and creating new tools and new openings for dramatic change. Most of all, it’s about moving—money, ideas, and all of us, together, toward the future we demand and deserve. It’s feminism in motion, and it’s picking up speed all over the world. 

We’re thrilled to release our 2022-23 Annual Report today and share our year of movement–movement of money, movement of ideas, and movement together. Read it here today.


  • Last year, we moved $21,245,362 to Feminist Movements across the globe
  • Resourced a total of 654 women’s rights and feminist organizations
  • Funded WROs and feminist movements in 90 countries, including 42 countries for the first time. 
  • 134% increase in grantmaking from the previous year. 

Read the full report here

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