Equality Fund Co-CEOs Jess Tomlin and Jessica Houssian receive Canada’s 2020 Top 25 Women of Influence™ Award

Equality Fund Co-CEOs were recognized for founding the Equality Fund and turning an ambitious vision into reality. The Equality Fund is a Canadian-led international collective of 10 organizational partners from different sectors sharing the same vision: transform and sustain funding for women’s organizations and feminist movements now and for the future.

“The Equality Fund was born of a vision and commitment to design something that creates sustainability for women’s movements around the world, once and for all,” said Jessica Houssian. “It’s time.”

“What makes the Equality Fund so unique is that it is built by feminists, for the feminist movement. And it’s at a scale that can truly tackle inequality on a global level ,” said Jess Tomlin. “So many of us are tired of the pace of change and we knew we needed to bring new partners to the table to solve this together- for once and for all.”

The Equality Fund initiative was awarded the $300 million CAD Partnership for Gender Equality in 2019 from the Government of Canada. The first-of-its-kind model combines international feminist grantmaking, multi-sector philanthropy, and a new innovative gender-lens investment arm.

The Equality Fund is built on the belief that the best solutions to the world’s most complex problems will come from those closest to them—often women, girls, and non-binary people. The Equality Fund will unleash and leverage capital in ways that shifts power, creates systemic impact and yields significant long-term returns. It’s time to fund a feminist future.

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